Sunday, December 06, 2009

Times Now Internal Guidelines

Rule1: The viewer is hard of hearing, so shout
Rule2: If it can be said, it can be said dramatically
Rule3: Any outrage is good, moral outrage is better
Rule4: It's our studio, not the guests' so interrupt him
Rule5: If the news is stupid enough to be covered, then the viewer is dumb enough to see it
Rule6: Anything can be sacrificed for speed, including the truth
Rule7: There is no truth, it's all TRP
Rule8: We believe in freedom of speech, but Arnab gets to use it the most
Rule9: Debate is spelt f-i-g-h-t
Rule10: When in doubt, provoke. When protested at, provoke. And when provoked, go for a break

(Disclaimer: These are, quite obviously, not official guidelines. So please don't sue me. Or threaten legal action)