Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ad nauseam

On more than one occasion, I've said rather lamely here, and at my other blog, that "I am busy and I will come back". Ad nauseam to myself. Fact is blogging doesn't pay my bills and fact is that much as I'd love to pen down all my thoughts here, it's just not possible (and that's why I love twitter). Also, I can't get myself to regularly link to interesting stuff I read, throw in funny comments and post here (and I quite admire those who do that so well).

And now that I've covered all those things, here's the deal. I've not blogged for some time on both my blogs and I think that sucks. There have been enough moments when I've thought and re-thought on whether I should even stop blogging altogether but that's not an option for me (unfortunately it was for this self-confessed loony blogger).

So, yet again I'll say what I've said - I will be back (as a popular Hindi song so succinctly put it - sinful stomach's question it is). Till then in an effort to explain why I blog, I shall conveniently link to the Iengar Chick's excellent cartoon-filled post on "Top 10 Reasons to be a blogger". #3 is enough for me.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Vodafone's brilliant ad campaign

The minute I saw the new Vodafone ads I knew that the pug represents the customer. The customer who haplessly and tirelessly runs around everyone at Vodafone's legendary call centres. I'm guessing the brilliant ad agency who made this will sweep all ad awards.

Any Vodafone customer knows that the transition from Hutch to Vodafone has moved an already abysmal customer service to an unthought of new depth (been to their "customer service centre lately? what's the longest you've been kept on hold? try and beat my record of 38minutes).

And it is exactly this that is being advertised and celebrated by Vodafone, i.e. we're happy to provide you with "customer executives" that you can breathlessly chase after because ha, ha, ha we sure as hell ain't gonna give you any service.

Your call dropped? You can't get reception in your house while other networks can? Oh, we overbilled you did we? Choose from hundreds of such options. Whatever the problem, we sure as hell aren't gonna solve it. But guess what, we're happy to help you with a chance to run around us, ha, ha, ha, geddit?

The day number portability is launced I will gladly pay to get rid of this execrable, abominable and truly pathetic mobile phone service that is one of the best illustrations of the the term fubar.

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