Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Desipundit Blogathon

Chances are you first came to this blog via Desipundit. If we've met in person, we probably knew of the meet after we read about it at DP.

There's a lot that Desipundit meant to me. Beyond the obvious benefits of traffic and beyond the comments that those posts attracted after the post got - as it's called - DP'ed.

No, DP meant more than that to me. It meant the perfect start to the day.

It gave me reason to believe that the Indian blogosphere smokes mainstream media. And how. It meant knowing that I'd discover some new blogger somewhere. Or at least a great post. Everday.

And I'm not even talking about how DP got together bloggers on the IIPM issue or reservations or the blog-ban issue. Even simply this hilarious thing.

Call it community, social networking or whatever. The fact is that Desipundit did mean a lot to me. Indeed it was the perfect start to the working day. So perfect I became used to it.

And referring to it in the past tense is really effed up. And like a lot of effed up things, its also true. I mentioned earlier that I've had it with posting obits about stuff I really liked and which just died.

So I won't call this an obit. It's a call for a blogathon. On Thursday 19th October 2006. If you think that DP meant anything to you, and if you think it's worth a post, then blog about it.

I know that many have already commented on desipundit's farewell post. Yet, if you do post about it as well on your blog, leave your link in my comments space or mail me at bombay[dot]addict[at]gmail[dot]com and I will keep updating this with your links and a brief extract from your post.


Patrix said...

I appreciate your initiative for giving us one last hurrah. It is always a pleasure reading your blog which I'll continue doing.

Anonymous said...

did u notice how no cartellian is sad, writing comments or pots, pleading pat not to do this? Amit Varma hasn't written a single post. DP, amongst other things, took the limeligt away from the cartellians. The cartellians hosted crappy blog melas and linked to people they liked and controlled access to the blogosphere. DP changed that.