Friday, November 25, 2005

DCR58 Blog has shifted

My 5-part series on the Bombay Mill Land case has shifted to Mumbai Matters. I intend to write on Bombay-related matters in this blog, and invite your comment on issues that affect every Bombay resident. Thanks.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Taste is out, trash is in

Get ready for Yashraj Films’ new movie – Neil and Nikki. The same banner which gave us hits like Silsila, Kabhi Kabhie, Trishul, Deewar, etc, is now dishing out fun movies on guys and gals having a good time (of course with a bit of sex thrown in).

Coming on the heels of Salaam Namaste, N&N is about Neil (Uday Chopra) who takes out 21 days before marriage to meet and bed 21 women. Along the way he is helped by good friend Nikki (Tanisha). As the director puts it – “there’s a bit of Neil and Nikki in all of us”. Oh yes, all of us want to have 21 nights with 21 women before our wedding, and all of us want to have a good female friend to help us out in achieving this challenging goal.

Ironically, this movie comes at a time when comments on premarital sex nearly drove South Indian superstar Khushboo to jail in Chennai and landed up Sania Mirza in trouble. The same metro which hauled its old and new icons over the coals will now flock the multiplexes to check out a couple of flop stars advocating loads of premarital sex.

Chennai will also be joined by other metros in lapping up this dish, just like they did “Salaam Namaste”, which has been declared “the “biggest global blockbuster of the year” raking in Rs25crores in India and another Rs20crores abroad in 50 days.

Both movies are aimed at a young, urban audience in India - and abroad. It doesn’t take much to cater to them. Skin, sex and comedy is all you need, and all of it located abroad. Here’s how it was used in Salaam Namaste (shot in Australia).

The formula

Used where

Skin (preferably white)

Title track on the beach - check the firang bikini-clad babes. And Preity Zinta flaunting her stuff like never before throughout the movie

Sex (desired and achieved)

Ah come on, where did their baby come from!

Comedy (preferably Indians making a fool of themselves and the country – helps in making NRIs feel good about leaving India)

Javed Jaffrey’s buffoonery and his “I don’t likes the Indians”

Story (yes, yes, you still need one)

Ripped from Nine Months

Since N&N doesn’t have any big stars to boot, we have the mandatory pre-release controversy, with today’s Mid-day reporting that the movie has “raised a storm of controversy over the number of kisses it has – 21”. Yawn..even Mallika Sherawat’s “Khwaish” tried that out – with more kisses. And it flopped, but probably because she had a terminal disease in the movie.

The change in Yashraj’s movies over the years is a sign of the changing times we live in and our changing values. The current flop duo of Uday and Tanisha can’t even dream of coming near the smouldering passions of Amitabh and Rekha in “Silsila” –and that movie dealt sensitively with an extra-marital affair. But then who cares? After all, as the movie’s tag line goes – “Nice is out, naughty is in”. Along with it, brains are out, beauty is in. Taste is out, trash is in.